Dealing with Professionalism & Acoustics in Call Centers

2 Call Center Points of Action: Professionalism & Acoustics

Call centers serve as the home base for many businesses.  Whether they’re selling additional products or providing tech support or know-how, call centers can make or break customer service.  Their levels of professionalism, as well as their bedside manner, have the ability to put customers at ease or inspire walls of defense.  This all begs the question, what exactly makes an effective call center?  What precisely puts customers at ease or makes them defensive?

The most obvious answer is knowledgeable reps.  Those working at the center need to know their business, and they need to know it in a friendly, helpful way.  Either not knowing the answer to a customer’s question, or knowing it but sounding put-out or irritated alienates customers.  They will switch service providers as soon as they feel burdensome, belittled, or just not helped.

Once professionalism has been addressed, acoustic issues are next.  What good is a helpful rep if she can’t be heard?  A call center, full of employees all receiving and making calls, equals a lot of noise!

  • Background sound, even other callers, can make a customer feel like a number instead of a person.
  • The same background noise can be quite distracting for both customer and caller.
  • When a potential customer hears all this, it only adds to the feeling that their personal information is up for grabs.

Noise is quite a problem for call centers, both for the callers and the recipients.  Callers struggle to hear over other callers and recipients can hear all the background noise.  So, here’s the funny thing- noise can actually be the solution, the right kind of noise, that is.  White noise is a generated sound meant to counteract unwanted noise.  Businesses use it to reduce distractions, as well as provide confidentiality.  These same benefits help call centers, too.  A sound masking system helps both callers and prospective customers/donors by allowing them to tune out the overly distracting background noise.

The great thing about sound masking systems is that they can be added to any facility, including call centers, without even affecting the aesthetics.  You see, a sound masking system is installed in the ceiling tiles in a matter of minutes.  Thus, it is invisible and doesn’t even shut down the day’s business.  So, if you have a noisy call center and are looking for a noise solution that doesn’t require totally changing the set-up, rest assured that the VoiceArrest Sound Masking System is an invisible, affordable, effective, and quick fix for any facility.